Shielded Metal Arc Welding

SMAW, or Shielded Metal Arc Welding, most commonly called “stick welding” is essentially a manual arc welding process. We use a consumable electrode covered in flux to form the pool and high amperage to melt the base metal forming the weld joint. 

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Gas Metal Arc Welding

GMAW, or Gas Metal Arc Welding, most commonly called MIG (metal inert gas) is a process where an electric arc between the base metal and the filler material (small diameter wire). This process injects an inert gas, a filler material, and enough heat to melt the base metal with a pull of the trigger. With the correct amperage, wire speed, gas and pressure, beautiful welds that are a cinch to clean up are formed. 

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Gas Tungsten Arc Welding

GTAW, or Gas Tungsten Arc Welding, Most commonly called TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) is a difficult welding process. It requires the welder manually feed a filler material while maneuvering the torch and using a pedal to vary heat output to the correct amperage.

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Handrails Murfreesboro Nashville

Handrails for outdoor steps, handrails for concrete steps, handrails for porches and decks. Wrought iron or aluminum handrails and stair rails, exterior or interior stair railing installed. Decorative railing installed at your location by professionals will give you the look and safety you need at your home or business. You can expect quality workmanship, strong welding, and courteous service by our mobile welding team.

“One of the best things about dealing with Murfreesboro welding is their mobile service. They came to me at a decent price with courteous service and did a job that lasted and was safe.”
………..David Jackson

Murfreesboro Welding welds all metal, including , cast aluminum, steel, stainless steel, titanium, magnesium, and cast iron. For quality work at a good price. You will find our work reasonable, of high quality that goes with our good name. We can restore old ironwork, fix cracks, repair trucks or lawnmower decks and handle all emergency welding projects large and small.when it comes to welding in the Murfreesboro or Nashville area, give us a call today or describe your project and request a quote.

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